3 Of The World’s Most Outstanding Roofing Systems

Apr 19, 2021Blog, Roofing

When it comes to admiring architectural feats, people often marvel at the buildings and landscaping and rarely cast their gaze upwards at the rooftops. The untrained eye often misses the intricacies and craftsmanship of roofing systems, and it’s understandable, especially if the rooftop is situated on a high-rise building.

However, at Renova Roofing & Construction, roofing is in our blood; we simply cannot take our eyes off a beautiful roofing system. We’ve compiled a list of some of the world’s most beautiful roofing systems for you to enjoy.


The Sydney Opera House

When one mentions the Sydney Opera House, the image of its spectacular rooftop is often the first thing that pops into your mind. Danish architect Jørn Utzon designed its magnificent rooftop. Utzon and his team took 14 years to design and construct the famous opera house.

They considered many designs and architectural styles, including ellipsoid, parabolic, spherical geometry, before settling on the magnificent curvature of the seashell. The rooftop is made from 2,194 pre-cast concrete sections, supported by precast concrete ribs. Today, the Sydney Opera House is lauded as an architectural feat of the 20th Century.


Wat Rong Khun (White Temple)

The White Temple is a breathtaking art exhibit owned and designed by artist Chalermachai Kositpipat. The building is designed in a combination of contemporary and traditional Buddhist architecture and located in Thailand.

As the name suggests, the building, as well as the roof, is entirely white. The rooftop is made up of glass and plaster figurines, depicting various mythological creatures and imagery. The roof and building together tell a Buddhist story and serves as a dedication to the Buddha. According to the artist, the white symbolizes Buddha’s purity, and the glass symbolizes his wisdom.


St Basil’s Cathedral

St Basil’s Cathedral is a prominent feature in the Russian capital of Moscow. The beautiful, multicolored and multi-shaped domes of the Cathedral draw millions of tourists to the city each year. The famous Cathedral was commissioned by Ivan the Terrible in 1555, and each era since then has added its unique touch to the cathedral.

The vivid colors of the domes were only added in the 18th century. These domes are said to give the impression of significant bonfires in the sky. According to Dmitry Shvidkovsky, a Russian architecture educator, the cathedral “is like no other Russian building. Nothing similar can be found in the entire millennium of Byzantine tradition from the fifth to fifteenth century … a strangeness that astonishes by its unexpectedness, complexity and dazzling interleaving of the manifold details of its design.”

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